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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: These rules of success made him one of the richest Hollywood actors

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was named Highest Paid Actor of the Year on Forbes’ annual list for the second year running. With $ 87.5 million made in 12 months, he is undoubtedly the most successful man in the business today.

“The Rock” grew up with financial problems, but managed to overcome them – as well as other adversities – to get to the top. Along the way, he learned a few lessons that have become his rules of success. They are listed here. (Also Read: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Extreme Fitness Routine for “Black Adam”)

Lesson # 1: Never Forget the Bad Times

In a special talk Dwayne Johnson gave for the Los Angeles Lakers, he explained that part of his success mentality is remembering the bad times so he can enjoy the good times to the fullest and keep himself even more motivated. “It allows me to see the good times I worked hard for from a different perspective,” he said. This does not mean living in the past, but rather thinking about how much you have grown and realizing what you can and still want to achieve. (Also interesting: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: These are his most spectacular watches)

Lesson # 2: Be True to Yourself

“I was tired of being what I wasn’t.” It is known that Dwayne Johnson wanted to leave the wrestling world completely behind. That’s because he wanted to change completely and finally be himself – not a character. For this he even decided to change his management team. This shift has also resulted in him having a more open relationship with his fans – which has earned him an even bigger following as a Hollywood star.

Lesson # 3: Always Be Nice

“It’s good to be important, but more important to be nice.” Dwayne Johnson heard this quote when he was around 15 and his family was struggling to pay the rent. Since then, this attitude has become part of his life philosophy. (Also: Forbes List: These Are Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actors 2020)

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Lesson # 4: Take Risks

One of the biggest risks The Rock took was to establish its place in Hollywood. He said in interviews that he was afraid another similar wrestler would beat him up and land a role in a movie. Still, he remained confident that he could do it. Thanks to his firm belief and strong will, he became the first WWE wrestler to become a Hollywood Superstar. To do this, he had to change a few things and even lose some weight, but every decision increased his fame.

Lesson # 5: never give up

In his early days, Dwayne Johnson was rejected in Hollywood. At first he didn’t understand why and looked for people who would tell him how he could improve. However, this refusal did not stop him from looking for ways into the industry. (Also interesting: Igor Levit: “We should be able to criticize someone’s work without tearing them apart”)

Lesson # 6: Always give it your all

“I will not let this opportunity slip by without giving everything.” This is what Johnson thought in his most important fight against John Cena, in which he suffered all kinds of obstacles – including a pelvic injury that would cost him the fight. However, he decided that the injury at that point was the least and that he had to give everything not only for himself but also for the audience. The importance of the fight pushed him to forget the pain and move on. (Also interesting: Robert Lewandowski: “I used to think that I could process all problems myself and then they would disappear”)

Lesson # 7: Set Big Goals

“I don’t want to make small films,” Dwayne Johnson told the Lakers. That might sound arrogant at first, but “The Rock” just has a tremendous vision for the impact it would like to leave on its audience. For this reason we will always see him in blockbusters that are looking for international attention.

The item “La Roca” Dwayne Johnson y sus reglas de éxito para ser de los más ricos de Hollywood ” by Alonso Martínez originally appeared on GQ México.

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