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Current streaming tips from Arte to TV Now for the near future

God, you can be an asshole © TVNOW / Thomas Kost
© TVNOW / Thomas Kost

What might be worth streaming now: A Pixar short film about adulthood, the tragic comedy “God, you can be an ass!” And the black-humored series “My own funeral” from Iceland. The other streaming tips of the week:

GROWING UP: The short film “Almost Adult” by director Aphton Corbin is about the fear that others will suddenly think that you are not mature and smart and grown up. The film, made with hand-drawn animations (on Disney + since this Friday), is about Gia and a scenario on the night of her 21st birthday: she thinks she is just a group of children hiding in a trench coat and hopes that nobody will noticed. Corbin says the main character in her film is a kind of visualization of her own fears: “I see myself as a collection of children trying to pretend to be adults.”

“The class from 09/11! one of the streaming tips of the week

TRAGICOMEDY: In the 2020 cinema year, which was difficult due to Corona, the bestseller film “God, you can be an ass!” Attracted a good 200,000 visitors. Now TV Now – the streaming service of Mediengruppe RTL – is showing the film (DIGITAL TELEVISION reported). Sinje Irslinger can be seen in the lead role – alongside stars like Heike Makatsch, Til Schweiger, Jürgen Vogel, Benno Fürmann, Jasmin Gerat and Inka Friedrich. Directed by André Erkau (“Life is not for cowards”). And that’s what it’s about: Steffi (16) finds out that she is seriously ill and only has a short time to live. What to do? Despair? Withdraw? Steffi has other plans. She decides to live life one last summer and embarks on an adventurous journey with circus artist Steve.

9/11: 20 years ago, at the moment of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, then US President George W. Bush was sitting in a primary school in Florida reading a book with children. The second grade students all come from the black community of Sarasota, Newtown. The President received the 9/11 message in the middle of class. Bush’s face and the situation with the children become a global media event. What happened to the children of that time almost 20 years later? The film “The Class of 09/11” (online in the Arte media library until December 5th) tells stories and provides insights into complex social structures that seem to have solidified in the USA over the past 20 years.

Polyamory in serial form

THREE LOVE: Those who are polyamorous love several people at the same time – the relationship model seems to be becoming more common. The British romantic dramedy series “Trigonometry” is about such a constellation. The cook Gemma (Thalissa Teixeira) and the paramedic Kieran (Gary Carr) live as a couple in London. Because there is a lack of money, they look for a subtenant. The attractive Ray (Ariane Labed) applies for the room. From the first second there is an attraction between the three. They fall in love with each other. Is the? Love threesome? The eight-part series also shown on ZDFneo linear (10.9., From 11:15 p.m.) is in the ZDF media library until November 7th.

Series offensive in the ARTE media library

BLACK HUMOR: In the Icelandic series “My own funeral”, a terminally ill 67-year-old decides to organize his own funeral and to attend it himself. The main role of the stubborn Benedict is played by Thórhallur Sigurdsson, who is popular in Iceland. The man with brain tumor tests coffins, listens to singers and also tries funeral buffets. Compassionate and sarcastic, Jón Gunnar Geirdal paints the portrait of a disillusioned man in the series. “My own funeral” (with six episodes of about 30 minutes) will remain in the Arte media library until July 2023.

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