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Cameron Diaz wasn’t the first choice for “The Mask” with Jim Carrey

She should become Tina

Anna Nicole Smith was actually intended for the role. The model, who died in 2007, was director Chuck Russell (61) ‘s first choice, as casting boss Fern Champion told the industry journal “Variety”. But he soon said goodbye to the idea, as Russell explains. “We met. Anna was charming and lively, but she didn’t have the other qualities that were needed for the role.” He didn’t even let her audition scenes afterwards.

A coincidence brought Diaz, who was still a model at the time, the job. Champion explains that she looked at the top models of the time, but couldn’t find a suitable candidate. So she just asked a friend with a modeling agency who had their offices in the same building. “There is this one girl,” she was told – and that one girl was Diaz.

No alternative

Champion was completely blown away by Diaz at the first meeting, even though she had no acting experience. During the casting process, she took acting and dancing lessons. When Russell first met Diaz, he too was convinced: “If it was up to me, she was the only candidate for the role after her first audition. And then I saw her chemistry with Jim.” Eight more audition sessions later, he finally convinced the producers of Diaz.

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