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Body like Mark Wahlberg: his 8 tricks to get back in shape and build muscle

Mark Wahlberg is a beast in the gym. His day begins when most are still asleep and consists of several workouts supplemented with strict diet, hard work, and many other activities. (Also read: This is Mark Wahlberg’s work-out for the perfect six-pack)

Mark Wahlberg: Success through hard training

The result is obvious: he’s nearly 50 years old and his body looks like that of a comic book action hero – defined muscles and a six-pack that looks like it’s made of stone. We can safely say his routine is not an easy one – for him, nor for ordinary mortals who have no intention of exercising at 2 a.m. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything from him. (Read Here: This HIIT Workout Is Perfect For The Six Pack)

The “Spenser Confidential” actor has a few basic tips to help him stay in good shape (or get it back after a vacation). And these are suitable for just about everyone. (Also: Lateral abdominal muscles: The fitness program for your six pack)

When it comes to training, some days are better than others. Every now and then you feel exhausted and don’t want to lift a finger. In others you are bursting with energy and the toughest workout seems super easy to you. The important thing is that you are consistent (like Mark), that you have a good routine (like Mark), and that you do everything possible to keep going (yes, like Mark too). (Also interesting: Keeping good resolutions: a personal trainer reveals how it works)

2021 is a new year and with it new fitness goals and the promise to take care of your own fitness again. Marky Mark (Look it up) has been so generous to share a list of his best fitness tips with us.

8 tricks from Mark Wahlberg’s training

Marky Mark

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Trick # 1: start

Mark says don’t put it off until tomorrow. You have to do it today or you keep putting it off. After lockdown, join a gym, go for a walk, take a class, or whatever you want – but you have to do it now.

Trick # 2: Establish a baseline

Go to the mirror and snap some pictures of what you look like now. Make a note of your measurements and use this as a basis to set realistic goals that you want to achieve. With the help of apps, you can track and record your progress even more easily. (Also read: Health apps are more popular than ever. Here are our 5 favorites)

Trick # 3: Stop making excuses

This only concerns you. So stop making excuses and cheating on your diet and routines.

Trick # 4: Think of Diet as Fuel

Think about what you want to achieve. Food is not just a taste, it is also what gives you the energy you need and can help you burn fat.

Trick # 5: listen to your body

It’s not about exercising until you destroy your body. You have to listen to what he tells you. Exercise hard when you can and rest when you need to – it’s a requirement for building muscle.

Trick # 6: Don’t forget to add variety

This will keep you motivated and make the exercises more fun. It also prevents you from getting stuck and not making any progress.

Trick # 7: Surround yourself with healthy alternatives

Don’t bring junk food home. They will be available when you have access and the opportunity to do so. So consciously avoid temptation and stock the refrigerator with healthy options. (Likewise: These unhealthy foods will cut your life by years, according to experts)

Trick # 8: Celebrate the beginning and be proud of your progress

Getting started is the hardest part, so celebrate progress even if you started with something very small. Be proud of small successes – these will bring you closer to your goal little by little.

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