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Black Adam finally pushes him to his limits

The shooting of the hotly anticipated DC hit Black Adam is almost complete. For the Role of the dark antihero Dwayne Johnson wanted to set new standards from the start and train himself to be a real DC superhero body.

Because the competition is fierce: Biceps kings like Chris Hemsworth also build massive muscles for their roles and thus deliver something like a muscle war with The Rock. So far he has acknowledged his perverse training plan with a sweaty grin – but now his pain limit seems to have finally been reached.

Dwayne Johnson faces torture for DC cracker Black Adam

As The Rock now revealed on Instagram, the last week of shooting demands everything from him.

“I have to show my body next week so diet really matters now. We have [meinem Körper] all the sodium withdrawn and the water limited. “

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Johnson mentions one common strategy for actors: inside, which should look particularly muscular in topless scenes: After a long period of preparation, the water supply for the body is limited to a minimum around 24 hours before a scene. The body responds by attempting to reabsorb the missing sodium, starting a process that makes the muscles protrude.

What looks impressive afterwards on the screen is torture for the actors: The radical dehydration leads to typical consequences of dehydration such as extreme thirst, confusion, exhaustion and irritability. And even if Johnson speaks of his diet and shooting experiences on Instagram in typical sunshine fashion, his tone of voice clearly shows the state of emergency.

Dwayne Johnson can hardly hide his muscle warfare agony

“I know it doesn’t look great”, he comments on the mushy pile of meat, rice, egg whites and blueberries that he has to eat for breakfast, “But next week will be very important for my film business.” The only thing that occurs to him about the watery porridge with which he washes the whole thing down: “Normal people eat it with spoons, but I drink it. It … well, it’s a drink.”

Dwayne Johnson trains relentlessly for his roles

Anyone who closely follows Johnson’s social media announcements will recognize the gaping difference between the otherwise hilarious stand-up man with Colgate smile and its distant reflection, the just here, exhausted and listless, rattling down his protein bullshit. He would probably never admit it, but the muffled voice and the half-hearted laughs show how much fun dehydration can be.

For muscle warfare, Dwayne Johnson doesn’t care

And even the laboriously cobbled together facade of the fitness grinning cheek simply crumbles in some sentences The Rocks. He closes the short culinary tour with the words: “I know you guys are thinking, Rock, what the hell are you doing? Everything serves an important purpose. I don’t care, I just shovel that stuff in. “

Hopefully Johnson’s hardships have been worth it for Black Adam

If Johnson wants to save the Marvel competition DC, he must probably not be squeamish. Nonetheless, every fan should wish him an end to the hardships soon. Fortunately, it’s the last week of the shoot after all. It will be a while before we can admire the result of The Rocks abstinence from water.

Because Black Adam won’t hit theaters until July 28, 2022. Enough time for Johnson to find his Colgate smile again with monstrous Cheat Days.

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Are you looking forward to Black Adam?

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