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3 good and 2 bad news from the trailer with Leonardo DiCaprio

Netflix is ​​launching two movie battleships this year fueled with star kerosene. First comes the apparently most expensive film on the streaming service, Red Notice with Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. At Christmas it’s time for Don’t Look Up, the second big prestige project, with including Leonardo DiCaprio.

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You have to underline the “among other things” here, because Leo is actually just one of very (!) Many illustrious names in the cast. Don’t Look Up is about two scientists (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) who find out that a meteorite will hit the earth within six months. They go on a press tour to warn the world, but in the process they encounter an unresponsive audience.

This week, Netflix released the Don’t Look Up trailer, which revealed both strengths and weaknesses of the blockbuster. Our brief analysis of the first impressions.

Good: A meteorite as an exciting climate change metaphor

Don’t Look Up – Teaser Trailer (German) HD


The corona pandemic and climate change are said to be basically Natural disasters in slow motion and are therefore not taken seriously enough by the population and / or politics. The premise of Don’t Look Up is as follows: What if we responded just as half-heartedly to an acute, furious and existential threat as we did to climate change? Don’t Look Up is basically Armageddon, but nobody cares or believes in the huge body that is flying towards the earth.

Good: Don’t Look Up is the Avengers: Endgame of the Acting Stars

The cast includes the following actors:

Good: Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and their rocky looks

Don’t look up

When superstars are supposed to look like normal people, costume designers are at their best. JLaw and Leo play a science duo in Don’t Look Up who discovers the devastating meteorite. Your racing omee is not that big, Randall Mindy and Kate Dibiasky are people like you and me. DiCaprio stole the wrinkled style of clothing from Ernie from Stromberg and Jennifer Lawrence neutralized her charisma with an artfully asymmetrical but somehow cool hairstyle.

Bad: Jonah Hill steps on the spot as a nervous sidekick

Jonah Hill made the transition from teen comedy actor to serious character actor many years ago, but he’s been stuck in large-scale productions ever since. He’s always going to be easy for that Over-the-top minor characters with a big ego and a small moral compass booked. We have already seen his character in Don’t Look Up, a mixture of secretary and PR consultant, with slight gradations of him numerous times.

Bad: The Netflix trailer seems frighteningly indifferent and listless

When I describe Don’t Look Up and its ideas and its star line-up, it sounds like the greatest film in the last 10 years, a vibrant, bitter satire with spectacular sci-fi elements, a lot of budget and people behind the camera who have proven their ability many times (Adam McKay as a director, for example).

However, the trailer does not transmit much of this force, it remains an assertion and a dim mirror of its premise. Now Adam McKay (The Big Short) is less known for big pictures and scenery and more for cynical humor. His misanthropy is shrinking in Don’t Look Up, it seems to me. It still looks like the director won’t be able to get the many horsepower available to him on the road. Perhaps further trailers and ultimately the film will correct these impressions.

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What do you think of the trailer?

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