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With George Clooney and many more: In a tearful emergency room reunion, the word reboot is also used – panorama

For 15 years, the stars of “Emergency Room” saved lives together on TV. Photo: imago / Cinema Publishers Collection

Not only some of the “Emergency Room” stars have felt like a new edition of the series after their heartwarming reunion.

On the occasion of Earth Day on April 22nd, numerous stars of the successful hospital series “Emergency Room” (1994-2009) celebrated their reunion in the web show “Stars in the House”. The initiator of the touching reunion was actors Gloria Reuben (56), “ER” fans better known by her role name Jeanie Boulet. The campaign not only raised money for Reuben’s non-profit organization Waterkeeper Alliance. George Clooney (59), Julianna Margulies (54) and Co. chatted cheerfully from the emergency room sewing box. And yes, the word reboot was also mentioned …

Weeping joy of reunion

When the individual participants gradually joined in via zoom call, Reuben could no longer hold back her tears of joy. But also with Anthony Edwards (58) alias Dr. Greene and Noah Wyle (49) alias Dr. Carter’s eyes glazed over. And then superstar Clooney joined in, who was extremely talkative. At first he thanked Reuben for the reunion before joking: “What pisses me off the most is not seeing a single gray hair on you!” Of course, this is a stepping stone for Edwards: “I don’t have any that could turn gray!” When Dr. As is well known, Greene had little head hair left in the 90s.

In the two-hour recording, it became clear how much the ex-colleagues missed each other. Together they all looked back nostalgically at the hit series of yore and shared their anecdotes with the audience. Edwards, for example, how pig’s feet were pressed into their hands right at the beginning of the series and away from the camera – to practice sutures on them like real doctors. Clooney’s wife Amal (43) also apparently found great joy in catching up on the series. What is increasingly confusing her husband: “I forgot the bad things I did as Dr. Doug Ross.”

Will there ever be new stories from County General Hospital?

With so much enthusiasm from the stars about their series, the presenters Seth Rudetsky (54) and James Wesley could of course not avoid asking carefully about a possible “Emergency Room” reboot. Clooney was the first to express his concerns about a new edition: “It would be hard to say if we could do this back to the level it was back then.” In his opinion, this feat could not be repeated.

Wyle also agreed and praised the decision of showrunner John Wells (64), even at the height of the series, never to have shaken a spin-off à la “ER New Orleans” up his sleeve. And Margulies also saw black at the reunion for an “ER” reboot: “I don’t think you can reissue it. I think you have to leave something so beautiful in peace and move on. A reboot would degrade it.”

Actress Ming-Na Wen (Dr. Jing-Mei Chen), on the other hand, had the desire to reboot after seeing them again. “I would love to do it. Just to hang out with this group of people here again.” The final words on this were George Clooney: “We grew up together. They are people I love. It’s so good to see you again.”

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