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Vin Diesel wants a musical to become an action franchise

Fast & Furious: Vin Diesel wants a musical to become an action franchise

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Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious (c) Universal Pictures

As if the action franchise Fast & Furious weren’t already crazy enough, Vin Diesel is now even bringing a possible musical into play. The actor would like to sing about cars and family, as he himself claims.

In the US last week “Fast & Furious 9“As the best theatrical release since the beginning of the Corona crisis (in this country the new part of the action franchise is to be expected in mid-July). While beating the drum, the actor Vin Diesel recently allowed a very exciting thought: What if you put an F&F musical off the ground? According to its own statements, Diesel would definitely be there.

He provided the comment during an interview The Kelly Clarkson Show with hostess Kelly Clarkson, who is a well-known musician herself. She asked Diesel directly about a musical for the “Fast & Furious“Franchise and his response was:”I would die for doing a musical. So yes, I would be there!

With Diesel’s image it may be difficult to imagine at first that he likes to sing and dance. But in fact, he said he had flirted with a musical over and over again in the course of his career. “I was so short on doing ‘Guys and Dolls’ with Seven Spielberg, but we left it in the end“Said the actor.

He had already developed an enthusiasm for it through his family. In general, he owes a lot to his family, as they have always supported his artistic dreams. “My family itself is artistically shaped and I am so lucky to have that. It is a great blessing to have a family that supports your crazy dreams“Says Diesel.

Also in “Fast & Furious“-Franchise is primarily about family, as well as super-fast cars, as every fan knows. Two subjects on which one could write a lot of songs. But it is more than questionable whether a musical will actually come about in the end. In any case, Diesel’s comments on the show are certainly provided with a touch of irony. But you never know…

If you want to hear Vin Diesel sing, you will find one or two songs by him on YouTube (uLwbPUyrdD0, here is a sample). Otherwise, the question for you: Could you have a “Fast & Furious“-Musical introduce?

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