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Thor 4 celebrates important milestone

Thor 4: Love and Thunder will be one huge MCU fun in which Thunder God Muckibär Chris Hemsworth fools with the Guardians of the Galaxy and many old companions.

With the view, it’s easy to forget how much effort Hemsworth took to train for the role, which will hopefully bring him an Oscar. But for the climax of the Marvel shoot the actor proves again the extent of his upper arm artillery – and almost pushes director Taika Waititi out of the picture.

Thor 4 shoot done: Marvel star Chris Hemsworth has become the Hulk

Sometimes people come together and inspire the world and change the cinematic landscape forever “, Waititi wrote about his graduation picture on Instagram.

And then there’s me and Chris Hemsworth who are too cool to bother with anything other than movies that give people total joy.

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And indeed: director and actor side by side in casual costumes / 80s T-shirt and jeans combo are such a deliberately cool look, that you would like to cack your way backwards out of the Instagram door, which one has just opened.

And the extent of Hemsworth’s upper arms, which can now be called almost overly expansive, only supports the feeling of being blown out of the room. “It just can’t be that Chris’ arms are so huge in the movie”, is the comment of one IG users , “this is completely insane.”

Bicep King Chris Hemsworth is simply the best Thor

No, you can. After all, Hemsworth is an absolute fitness fanatic who inspires many Thor fans with his Mucki and Lifestyle app. But above all he’s a wonderfully self-deprecating guy who plays the role of the god of thunder with warmth and humor and none of Waitit’s crazy ideas is too good – on the contrary, various crazy Thor 4 ideas should go to his account.

To the Thor 4 in theaters on May 5, 2022 So a wonderfully lively epic awaits us with an incredibly sympathetic mountain of muscles. And now to celebrate Thor Day, first off on the weight bench.

What do you think of Chris Hemsworth’s upper arms?

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