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“The Morning Show” continues: Jennifer Aniston is “back”

“The Morning Show” continues
Jennifer Aniston is “back”

Fans of “The Morning Show” can be happy: Apparently the shooting of the Apple TV series with Jennifer Aniston in the leading role continues. The 51-year-old confirms this with several photos and videos. When the new episodes will be broadcast is still unclear.

US actress Jennifer Aniston is back on the set of “The Morning Show”. Via Instagram, she shared several snapshots from the filming of the second season of the successful Apple series. First, the 51-year-old posted two pictures in her feed, which she obviously showed in the mask together with her hairstylist and good friend Chris McMillan – who gave her the famous haircut “The Rachel” in the 90s.

In the first of the two photos, Aniston hints at a kiss in the camera and comments on the picture with the sentence: “Uuund, we are back …” Her co-star Reese Witherspoon also confirmed in the comments that the filming had started with a short “Yes, we are”. Apparently, Aniston and Witherspoon have celebrity fans: both Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Moore were delighted in the comments about their upcoming return to screen.

Postponement due to Corona

Aniston also published a small video in her Instagram stories. Crew members can be seen there, as they are lifting a stunt doll onto a pallet truck. It is not yet known when the shooting will be completed. A broadcast date has not yet been set either.

Actually, the sequel should have been in the box for a long time, but the Corona crisis stopped production several times. A broadcast date was originally planned for autumn 2020. The first ten episodes ran in November 2019.

“The Morning Show” deals with the #MeToo scandal that rocked the world in 2016. Aniston plays the TV presenter of the nationwide “Morning Show”, Alex Levy, whose long-time co-host Mitch Kessler (played by Steve Carrell) loses his job because of sexual misconduct in the workplace. Kessler is replaced by the young reporter Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon), who threatens to overtake Levy.

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