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The Expendables 4 development is only consistent

After a few years in the production hell, the action sequel The Expendables 4 is still gaining momentum – with surprises in the cast. As we reported recently, Sylvester Stallone will probably take a back seat in the next part of the series. Instead, the new Expendables team, with stars like Curtis ’50 Cent ‘Jackson and Tony Jaa, will be led by Jason Statham and Megan Fox.

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If we look at the careers of Statham and Stallone over the past few years, the move to the action throne in The Expendables 4 is only logical.

Jason Statham is again a sought-after action star after a brief downturn

With the The Transporter and Crank franchises, Jason Statham was named after previous appearances in films such as Guy Ritchie’s Jack, Lady, King, Weed in the mid-00s new star in the action sky. His popularity led to the fact that he got a role in the first Expendables film alongside older icons such as Sly, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke and Jet Li.

Indulge in nostalgia again with the wacky crank trailer:

Crank – Trailer (German) HD


At the beginning of the 10s, however, there was a certain oversaturation with the films of the powerful Brit. The Jason Statham strips were made increasingly interchangeable and some of them didn’t even make it to the cinema in Germany, but were released directly on DVD and Blu-ray.

For example, who of you can instantly distinguish Blitz – Cop-Killer vs. Killer Cop, Safe – Deadly, Parker, Redemption – Hour of Retribution, Homefront and Wildcard in your head?

In 2015 at the latest, however, there came a decisive turning point for Jason Statham when he appeared in the seventh part of the Fast & Furious series Villain Deckard Shaw played. Here Statham was able to line up between main stars Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson and at the same time remind the general public of what a charismatic action star he still is.

In the video you can see our ranking of all Fast & Furious films:

We rank all Fast and the Furious films!


His role in the Fast & Furious franchise made Deckard Shaw a new fan favorite, eventually starring alongside Dwayne Johnson Main character in the spin-off Hobbs & Shaw has risen. A self-deprecating appearance in the action comedy Spy – Susan Cooper Undercover, the leading role in the wacky basking shark spectacle Meg or in the no-frills action thriller Cash Truck by Guy Ritchie underscore Jason Statham’s return as a movie star.

Sylvester Stallone’s minor role in The Expendables 4 fits his career plan

With Jason Statham’s return to the spotlight of action cinema, it’s fitting that Sylvester Stallone wants to play a smaller role in the upcoming Expendables part. This change also generally fits in with the current career development of Sly, the cuts back on some of its largest franchises and takes on more of a minor mentoring role.

For example, it was in the Rocky franchise that the Creed films brought a younger protagonist to the fore. At Rambo, too, the signs were finally goodbye. Although Stallone should still have plans for a sixth part ready, part 5 was certainly not without reason the additional title “Last Blood”, which conveyed a final feeling.

The Expendables 4 is likely to have a similar function for Stallone. Slowly he takes a back seat to say goodbye to the franchise that one with Jason Statham new action king on the throne leaves.

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What do you think of Jason Statham getting ahead of Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables 4?



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