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Terror in the megacity: the police are chasing two bombers.

The highly dramatic film is based on the unfortunately very real events of April 15, 2013. A Chechen couple of brothers deposited two explosive devices hidden in backpacks on the sidelines of the Boston Marathon. The violent explosions killed three spectators and seriously injured many more. And they renewed the worldwide fear of the cruel attacks by Islamist or right-wing radical cells.

Police sergeant Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg), like many of his colleagues, is assigned to safeguard the mass event. When the two bombs go off, he is not far from the attack sites and immediately takes part in caring for the wounded. The days after that are characterized by the intensive search for those responsible. As a local cop, Saunders is involved in the investigation by the FBI, who is actually responsible, and finds the crucial clues to the identity of the terrorists. The brothers have gone into hiding and are trying to escape the city while the network of authorities keeps tightening. Really super exciting!

PRO SEVEN, 20.15



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