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Steven Spielberg is his source of inspiration

David Oyelowo was inspired by star director Steven Spielberg for his film ‘The Water Man’.

The 45-year-old actor will both direct and star in the drama flick.

The main inspiration for the film was his early love for films and his admiration for Steven Spielberg. When asked how ‘The Water Man’ came about, David said to ‘Variety’: “It had two beginnings. The first for me was that I grew up loving movies. I loved Steven Spielberg films. Me loved ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. ‘Stand by Me’ also impressed me a lot when I was younger, and I loved the fact that those films didn’t belittle me and I didn’t speak of them felt patronized. ”

The ‘Selma’ star continued, “I also remember watching them with my parents and they were not only adventurous and exciting, but they sparked conversations between me and my parents, something for me and my childhood are precious moments. ” When he finally had a family of his own, he wanted to make a special film. “When my wife Jessica and I had children, I found that there were fewer and fewer of these films. I wondered why that was, so I started looking for these projects and scripts. That was the way on where I was, “the actor continued.



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