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Shock for Nicole Kidman! She is attacked in the opera

Nicole Kidman (53) and Keith Urban (53) had expected their evening to be a little different … The two actually wanted to spend a relaxed date at the Sydney Opera House. After Keith had had a friendly chat with one of the other visitors, the situation suddenly escalated. The 53-year-old even had to defend his wife: because another man attacked the actress.

After the play was over, Nicole and Keith wanted to express their enthusiasm with a standing ovation. That didn’t suit the viewer sitting behind the couple, how Hollywood Life reported. At first the singer tried to calmly explain the situation and intention of the two, but none of that probably interested the guest. He started hitting Nicole with his program booklet. Keith defended his wife and immediately called for security. He brought the couple and Nicole’s mother, who was also there, safely out of the opera.

But that did not end the argument – the police were called and Nicole seemed visibly upset. “The officials have spoken to both sides and no further action has been taken”reported The Sydney Morning Herald Indeed.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman, Connor, Isabella and Tom Cruise, 1996
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in Melbourne, January 2018



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