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Riddick 4: Furya – Script is ready and Vin Diesel confirms: Part 4 is coming

Before using Vin Diesel in 2001 The Fast & the Furious had his big break starring as Riddick in the sinister sci / fi horror movie Pitch Black: Planet of Darkness with. David Twohy’s dark sci / fi version wasn’t a particularly big box-office success at the time, but it still grossed just under $ 50 million.

That in 2004 an expensive sequel with the title was clearly more suitable for the masses Riddick – Chronicles of a Warrior was produced and replenished, was again mainly due to Diesel’s growing popularity and the hope of being able to benefit from it. In fact, the second part played almost twice as much as the direct one Predecessor, but it was also three times as expensive and therefore quite a flop (measured against the budget).

And yet was Riddick eight years later everyone was talking again. Diesel, about whom it was rather quiet between 2005 and 2009, celebrated its big comeback in 2009 and was relegated Fast & Furious, the fourth offshoot of the iconic Raser series, finally in the A-League of the highest paid and most successful actors in Hollywood.

Not to be killed: Riddick

And so in 2013 he had another opportunity to slip into the role of the unbearable warrior. This time, Universal didn’t want to make $ 100 million, leaving it at a comparatively manageable $ 38 million. And if you look at the numbers from Riddick (2013), which should not bring in 100 million dollars worldwide, that was probably the only right decision. After all, thanks to the lower costs, the film even made a profit in the end.

At the time, however, people were used to better numbers from a Vin Diesel.

Riddick 4: Furya is supposed to be even more monstrous. @Leonine

Since you continue to earn a golden nose with the Raser franchise and Diesel as a draft horse, Universal Pictures will probably not be able to refuse the actor in the future either. And so it should only be a matter of time before the implementation of Riddick 4: Furya Diesel now confirms to GamesRadar:

Part 4 is just a matter of timing

“David Twohy wrote a great script! Now all we have to do is wait for the timing to be right before the first flap falls. But I firmly assume that we will be shooting in Australia. It would be the fourth installment in the series and it would be really phenomenal, ”enthuses Diesel on the occasion of the premiere of the new one Fast & Furious.

And a new one too RiddickVideo game should be within the realm of the possible:

“We had with Escape From Butcher Bay immense success. It feels like an eternity again. But I think it could be beneficial to go back to a game and create an additional chapter around Riddick. We are already one step further with the film, here a script is already available. The turning phase is therefore not far away. “

Before that, we see the born action star again as Dominic Toretto – from July 15 in the Universal Pictures blockbuster hit Fast & Furious 9, which grossed around $ 70 million at launch in the US last weekend.

David Twohy is supposed to be directing again. © Leonine

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