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New single “NDA” sheds light on the dark side of fame

After Billie Eilish released two singles from her new album HAPPIER THAN EVER in the last few weeks with “Your Power” and “Lost Cause”, the 19-year-old now agrees with the track “NDA” including music video for the LP expected on July 30th a.

With “NDA” – the abbreviation for “non-disclosure agreement”, which means “confidentiality agreement” in German – Billie Eilish is now addressing the dark side of her fame. This becomes clear right at the beginning of the song with lines like: “Did you think I would show up in a limousine? No, I had to save my money on security. ”She explains the reason for this in the following line:“ I have a stalker who walks up and down the street. He says he is Satan and he wants to meet. “

Watch the music video for “NDA” here:

She goes on to sing: “Had a pretty boy to visit, but he couldn’t stay. On the way out, I forced him to sign a confidentiality agreement. Once was enough because I don’t want him to be able to tell shit about me. “

25 professional stunt drivers – no visual effects

The accompanying music video has also been designed to be somber, in keeping with the dark content of the song. Billie Eilish took over the direction again and, according to the press release, had 25 professional stunt drivers drive around them at night. Neither stunt doubles nor visual effects were used. In addition, the video was shot in one go.

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