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Netflix sends Adam Sandler to a space monster: Finally a fresh sci-fi wind

Adam Sandler becomes a sad astronaut for Netflix and the science fiction genre immediately became more exciting for me. Yes, I also enjoyed watching films like Aufbruch zum Mond and Ad Astra, but recently we’ve been inundated with such productions.

But if anyone can breathe a breath of fresh air into this genre of tearful space people, it is Adam Sandler. Of the newly announced Netflix movie with him, the formula of these films will hopefully be turned upside down!

Netflix sends Adam Sandler to a monster in space

As Deadline reported the actor will star in the upcoming Netflix production Spaceman of Bohemia. The sci-fi film is based on the novel of the same name by Jaroslav Kalfar and is directed by Johan Renck. Last one filmed all episodes of the acclaimed HBO series Chernobyl and is the right address for dramatic-intensive materials.

Have you not seen Chernobyl yet? You can watch the trailer for the series here

Chernobyl – S01 Trailer (German) HD


In the story of the film, Sandler in the role of Jakub Procházka is sent into space as the first Czech astronaut to collect a mysterious dust for samples at the edge of the galaxy. Spaceman of Bohemia becomes a real one Sad astronaut movie (Is that the official term for this genre?) when the main character learns from Earth that his wife is separating from him.

Lonely and dejected, Jakub trusts the only voice that now gives him consolation. And that belongs to one of all people monsterthat has existed since the beginning of time and lurks in the shadow of the spaceship.

Spaceman of Bohemia is already triggering pure anticipation

So far, the deal between Netflix and Adam Sandler has mostly spawned comedies. Films like The Ridiculous 6, Sandy Wexler and The Week Show the funny side of the actor in various formswhile they are all held together by Sandler’s great warmth.

But then there have recently been films like the family drama The Meyerowitz Stories and the sweaty thriller The Black Diamond. Both managed to win over seasoned Sandler opponents through his performances.

Adam Sandler in The Black Diamond

Spaceman of Bohemia now sounds like the actor is in for Netflix again more serious regions go. The plot of the sci-fi flick could hardly fit better with the many similar films and series of recent years such as Gravity, Interstellar, Aufbruch zum Mond, Ad Astra, Lucy in the Sky and Away.

But just that charming unpredictability by Adam Sandler is what makes Spaceman of Bohemia really interesting. The actor breaks even the most deadly serious film like The Black Diamond with his eccentric nature or, on the contrary, gives a harmless horror comedy like Hubie Halloween melancholy undertones.

Attention, here follows a small spoiler for the presentation of the Netflix film!

At the moment I can only speculate in which of these directions Spaceman of Bohemia will develop (hopefully in both). But of course my curiosity was also bigger and so I read a bit more of the story of the book of the Netflix film.

Without giving too much away: Adam Sandler’s astronaut will even make friends with the monster on board the spaceship. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the sci-fi film will be released on Netflix. Still, I can hardly wait, like Sandler with his talent, Comedy in tragedy and tragedy in comedy to find, and a monster as the only friend shakes the genre of the sad space characters vigorously.

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Are you looking forward to a sci-fi movie with Adam Sandler?



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