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“NDA”: Billie Eilish sings about her stalker

With her fifth single release, Billie strikes a different note and also published the independently developed music video.


After the release of their debut album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Billie Eilish made the leap from newcomer to internationally successful musician. But with this success, the American was not only cheered, but also saw the darker side of Hollywood: The GRAMMY winner was stalked by a young man who not only sent her letters with threatening content, but also in her front yard had made comfortable.

“For nearly six months I have been harassed and threatened by a person posing as John Matthews Hearle, aka Adam Lucifer, while he is camping outside a school across from my family home. […] Every time I go home I’m so scared that Hearle will be waiting for me there. And he usually does, ”Eilish said back in February 2021, according to the New York Daily News judicial documents. The singer added that he left“ extremely disturbing and threatening ”notes and stared at her while holding his hands “Head down gesture” simulated.

In line with this, Eilish presented a note from the stalker, which reads as follows: “You cannot get what you want unless you want to die for me.”

Sings about stalkers in “NDA”
While the police then took John Matthews Hearle to the chest and obtained an injunction, Billie processed the experience in her own way: She wrote down her experiences in lyrical form and released the single “NDA” on July 9, 2021 – an abbreviation for “Non-Disclosure Agreement”, which means something like “confidentiality agreement” in German.

In the actual song she sings and says, among other things, the following lines:

“Did you think I would show up in a limo?
No, I had to save my money on security
I have a stalker walking up and down the street
He says he is Satan and he wants to meet
I bought a secret house when I was 17
And since I got the keys, I couldn’t have a party there ”

You can watch the music video, directed by Billie Eilish himself, here:

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