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Marvel is never that radical

Marvel fans have missed the cinema this year. Because of the corona pandemic, all major launches have been postponed, including the Black Widow solo film. Until the blockbuster is expected to start in May 2021, you can at least pass the time with a similar film in between.

The thriller Red Sparrow is now available to stream on Netflix. Similar to the Marvel film, it is about a Russian spy, but instead of Scarlett Johansson it has Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role and is much braver than any MCU blockbuster.

In Red Sparrow, Jennifer Lawrence is trained to be an ice-cold seductress and killer

In the film by Francis Lawrence, which has directed the last three Hunger Games, among other things, Jennifer Lawrence plays the leading role of the young Prima ballerina Dominika. So far, she has been able to earn her living and the medical costs for her seriously ill mother at the renowned Bolshoi Theater.

However, after a brutal accident, her career is over. Finally, she receives an offer from her uncle to train as a Russian secret agent. Your mission is later about the CIA agent Nathaniel Nash (Joel Edgerton) the American mole identity within the Russian secret service to find out.

Check out the German trailer for Red Sparrow here!

Red Sparrow – Trailer (German) HD


Red Sparrow is brutal body cinema – starring a fearless Jennifer Lawrence

Even the first assignment of the still inexperienced protagonist escalates extremely in Red Sparrow. It will raped the character of Jennifer Lawrence and the blood of the politician whom she is supposed to seduce and deceive pours over her abused body.

In general, Francis Lawrence directs his film as surprisingly brutal Body cinema, which is already more radical and harder in these early scenes than the upcoming Black Widow film should ever be.

Red Sparrow is about the progressive Dehumanization and separation of one’s own personality. Above all, the bodies of female spies become the most important weapon, so that the perfect seduction succeeds with the help of clear poses, provocative clothing, tempting looks and precisely chosen words.

Here you can watch a featurette about the special kind of espionage in Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow – Featurette Sparrow School: The Art of Manipulation (English) HD


Even if Red Sparrow sometimes gets lost in genre clichés over the 140 minutes, which are a little too long, the film offers through that provocative style and fearless performance by Jennifer Lawrence more than enough explosive to keep you hooked. Under the espionage thriller surface, abysses lurk in every scene, while (sexual) positions of power are constantly changing.

The director also designs one dark, merciless worldwhich holds nothing in store for agents but physical humiliation, pain or even death. The rousing core of Red Sparrow is how Jennifer Lawrence’s Dominika, who in a sense has to prostitute herself and endure repulsive torture methods as well as extreme agony, fights her way back to her personality.

You can now watch Red Sparrow with a Netflix subscription on the streaming service.

Have you already seen Red Sparrow or do you still want to watch the film?

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