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Katy Perry: is she in danger?

Is Katy Perry Really Safe? The 36-year-old singer has a dangerous stalker on her neck who is still walking around freely …

Each of us would like to leave problems and worries in the last year. This is also determined by Katy Perry, who has been struggling with a very unpleasant topic since September 2020. You are an annoying stalker making life hell. The persecutor is a 38-year-old homeless man named William Terry, who is said to have entered her property by being jumped the fence of her Beverly Hills home. The troublemaker is said to have already spoken on Twitter and wrote there that he wanted to break the neck of Katy’s partner Orlando Bloom. All of this went too far, of course, so Terry received an injunction. But now there is another cause for concern. The stalker didn’t show up for the court hearing in January.

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Katy Perry’s stalker is still roaming free

Terry made himself felt on Twitter in February 2020 by leaving several messages such as “Good morning baby” or “Air kisses for you” on the singer’s timeline. So far just a typical behavior of a fan. However, after attempting to break into her, his tweet got a little creepier than he titled the 36-year-old as his wife: “The security guy tried to stop me from seeing my wife and had a gun, but I didn’t give up.“After the injunction was issued, there should be a hearing in the court in January, but the troublemaker did not show up. What does that mean? The stalker is at large and in the worst case scenario could pay the singer an uninvited visit again. Of course, this creates further fear in Katy. After all, not only she is affected, but also her partner and actor Orlando Bloom and their daughter Daisy. According to “The Sun” Orlando is supposed to be in public already have been sighted with pepper spray. We hope that this horror will soon come to an end and that the family will be able to go through their everyday life again without fear.

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