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Kate Winslet was a “terrible wife”

“Terrible Wife”
Kate Winslet is tough on herself

Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet has been a busy actress for years. Most recently, she was in front of the camera for a crime series. This role even had an impact on her personal life.

Kate Winslet, 45, has been a sought-after actress since her 1997 breakthrough with Titanic. In an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”, however, the British woman makes it clear that she never asked for the help of a nanny or a cook.

The actress and mother of three children does not have a nanny

On the one hand, it is of course tempting to have a nanny, to live in a sealed off luxury residential complex and to be pampered by a private chef. “I would love to have my food prepared for me every day,” explains Winslet. On the other hand, their children should grow up without Hollywood glamor. “Rather, I want you to be shocked when asked if we have a cook.” That’s why the film star is at the stove himself and likes to get tips on TV. “I love the Top Chef show. I’m obsessed with it.”

Kate Winslet has three children, Mia, 20, Joe, 17, and Bear, 7. Mia was born out of her marriage (1998-2001) to director Jim Threapleton, 48. Marriage to director Sam Mendes, 55, which ran from 2003 to 2011 stopped, brought forth son Joe. Winslet has been married to Edward Able Smit, 43, father of Bear, since 2012.

Kate Winslet: “I was a terrible wife”

Most recently, the actress stood for the .Crime series “Mare of Easttown” in front of the camera (from May 21, Fridays on Sky), in which Winslet plays the policewoman Mare Sheehan. The role took the British woman to her limits. The shoot even affected their married life. “I always felt extremely sorry for my husband. For example, when he picked a nice restaurant on a Sunday, I had to say, ‘I can’t go to brunch. I’ve got a bloody scene tomorrow that spans six pages,'” says Kate Winslet. “I was actually just working without enjoying a day off. I was a terrible wife!”




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