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Jennifer Lawrence freaks out on the street in pajamas after Biden win>entertainment>

November 10, 2020 – 12:36 clock

Jennifer Lawrence Except “Edge And Ribbon”

Does American actress and Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence get off here because Biden won? “I just had to have a party with myself” – with these words the US star tweeted a video of a woman in a mask and pajamas who partied hard. But is that really she herself? Jennifer Lawrence (30) usually keeps her private life a secret, which makes it all the more surprising that she is now apparently stepping out of the shadows of social media to share her views and thoughts with the world after Joe Biden was the winner of the US presidential election Was announced in 2020.

The joy is great – also with Jennifer Lawrence

Like millions of people in the United States, including celebrities and starlets, actress Jennifer Lawrence was unable to control her euphoria and excitement over Joe Biden’s election victory. Apparently the enthusiasm of the 30-year-old was so great that she ran up and down the pedestrian walkway in Boston cheering with joy and danced happily. Many Biden fans cheered her from the passing cars and shared their joy! The US actress is difficult to recognize under her cute leopard print face mask. Since the Oscar winner usually does not reveal much of her private life on social media, the surprise about the publication of a picture of herself is great. Under her Twitter photo, she wrote: “I had no choice but to throw a party for 1 #comeonbostonletsparty.”

It is not easy to position yourself in politics

Is it her?  US star Jennifer Lawrence is really hard to spot on the video.

Is it her? US star Jennifer Lawrence is really difficult to spot on the video.

© Twitter, Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence reported on a podcast that she is aware of her responsibilities as a role model and public figure: “It’s extremely difficult to talk about politics”, “You don’t want that. I’m an actor, I want everyone to mean mine.” Movies sees. ” On October 27, after some online criticism, Lawrence made a statement on her political views on Twitter. There she reported that she “grew up in a Republican family”. Now she says she can proudly say that she is a Democrat and that she knows her rights.

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