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Housekeeper accuses her of neglecting her dogs>entertainment>

23 August 2021 – 1:12 pm clock

Did Britney Spears’ four-legged friends jump to death?

It is not getting any quieter for mega-star Britney Spears (39). Most recently, the court hearings about the guardianship of the 39-year-olds by her father, Jamie Spears, caused a lot of media attention. Now Britney herself is being denounced: Her dogs are said to have been in a neglected and critical state of health.

Britney’s housekeeper is unpacking

The housekeeper of the pop star had stated in a statement to the online magazine “TMZ” that the dogs were doing so badly that they were almost dehydrated! That is why she took the animals to an emergency room, where they were given medical care. A dog is said to have been very sick from the start and suffered from painful digestive problems, so Britney should feed him a special food. Instead, according to the housekeeper, the four-legged friends were regularly left with leftovers from the kitchen table. In addition, the dogs are said not to have received any fresh drinking water, which ultimately prompted the singer’s housekeeper to take the dogs to a veterinary clinic.

In the video: Britney Spears is said to have beaten her housekeeper

Alarming state of health

The vet was so shocked by the health of the four-legged friends that he asked the housekeeper to take care of the four-legged friends. According to information from “TMZ”, this took the dogs with her, which initially led Britney to suspect that her father might have kidnapped the dogs. After the housekeeper had informed Britney about the whereabouts of their dogs, there is said to have been a heated argument between the two women. When the housekeeper threatened to send the photos of the neglected dogs to Britney’s father, the dispute escalated. Britney then brutally knocked the cell phone out of her hand and injured her arm. The musicians denies the allegations. Now the police are investigating.

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