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Hollywood star Matt Damon admits to secret social media activity

Actually, Matt Damon isn’t a fan of social media. An official Instagram account? Nothing. However, he now reveals that there is a profile with which he is traveling there.

Is Matt Damon taking over social media now, at the age of 50? The film star is not exactly known as a fan of Instagram and Co. As the actor has now revealed in an interview with GQ magazine, there is a social media page about him that hardly anyone knew about.

Accordingly, he has a “very private Instagram account”. He mainly uses this to keep in touch with close friends. “I have 76 followers and I’ve made 40 posts since 2013,” says Damon. His most recent post is a photo of his 15-year-old daughter Isabella, who holds up her middle finger: “She does that every time we take a photo of her.” However, this profile cannot be found on the platform under his name. Damon presumably uses a pseudonym in order to remain unrecognized.

Damon admits: “I just never saw the point”

Basically, however, a large social media presence is not for the actor. “I just never saw the point,” explains Damon. “And I feel better and better with this decision over time. I understand that I want to be connected to everyone on Facebook, but my life is so full and I am really connected to everyone I need to be connected to.”

In addition to daughter Isabella, Damon is also the father of the two girls Stella, 10 years old, and 13-year-old Gia. The mother of the three is 45-year-old Luciana Barroso, to whom the actor has been married since 2005. Barroso also brought their 22-year-old daughter Alexia into the marriage.

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