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His anti-vaccination son shocks with a video freak!

Tom Hanks got seriously ill with Corona last year. Ironically, his son Chet Hanks now shocks on Instagram with an angry anti-vaccination monologue.

the essentials in brief

  • Tom Hanks son Chet shocks on Instagram with an aggressive anti-vaccination video.
  • And that although Papa Tom had a severe corona course last March.

In March 2020, Tom Hanks (65) and his wife Rita Wilson (64) became infected with the corona virus. The Hollywood star had a difficult time and was even in the hospital!

So the two are probably the last to downplay the Corona. But not so her son Chet Hanks (31) …

On Instagram, the rapper shocked his fans with a freak out. The video begins very innocently. Sitting in the car, he encourages his subscribers to get vaccinated and to adhere to the measures. So far, so good, but suddenly he starts screaming.

“Ripped off,” he yells into the camera. Then he announces his true attitude to the Corona crisis: He is an opponent of vaccinations. In the video he starts his anti-vaccination monologue: “If it isn’t broken, I won’t fix it, I’ve never had Covid! They don’t prick me with a piggy needle. “

Tom Hanks’ son is not a fan of the corona measures. – Instagram / @ chethanx

The actor also played down the virus: “It’s just the pig flu, get over it.” In his opinion, risk patients should always have to stay at home. After all, he was “fed up with wearing a mask”.

How do you think Papi Tom Hanks reacts to this outburst of anger?

What do you think of Chet Hanks’ anti-vaccination frenzy?

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