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Helping the homeless – Denzel Washington as a “good Samaritan”

Helped the homeless

A video by actor Denzel Washington goes viral – in this one he helps a homeless man who was arrested by police officers in Los Angeles last week. After George Floyd’s death in Minnesota, Denzel makes Washington’s (“The Bible is my number 1”) Video now the rounds.NBA player Rex Chapman retweeted the video, which has now been seen millions of times. It shows Denzel Washington with a face mask, talking to two police officers and the homeless man. The man is taken away in handcuffs while Washington puts a juice bottle and a packet of face masks in his pockets.

In another video takes a police officer position on the subject. Washington was just driving down Hollywood Boulevard when he saw the homeless man on the street.

Policeman: “Denzel was a very good Samaritan”

Concerned for the man’s safety, the Oscar-winning actor stopped and helped the man back onto the sidewalk, then police showed up. «We intervened, talked to the victim and found that he did not want to hurt himself or anyone else. Denzel gave him a mask so that the homeless person is protected and that was a good thing. Denzel helped us. “

Washington put additional masks in the pockets of the arrested man. The policeman continued: “Washington was a very good Samaritan.” A spokesman for Denzel Washington confirmed the event.

He reads the Bible every day

Denzel Washington often speaks about his Christian faith. “I want to speak consciously about what God has done for me,” he said, for example. Some time ago he said that he reads the Bible every day: “My relationship with God keeps me humble.”

In doing so, Oscar winner Washington gave God an Oscar. In the civil war drama “Glory” he played a soldier and received an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best supporting actor. And the role of a corrupt police officer in the film “Training Day” earned him his second Oscar, this time for best actor.

“I toyed with the idea of ​​becoming a pastor”

«I toyed with the idea of ​​becoming a pastor. When I told my pastor about it, he advised me against it », Denzel Washington once explained in« TV Movie ». His pastor had told him that he was doing his job very well in Hollywood. He should stay with that. “Fortunately, I listened to him.”

Even when he travels, he always has a Bible with him. A few years ago he told the newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” that he was studying the New Testament for the third time. “You always notice new passages that you may have missed before, and reading becomes better because you understand more,” says the father of four.

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Author: Daniel Gerber
Source: / Christian Post

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