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Has Dwayne Johnson been replaced forever?

Turbo fans hold their breath: With Fast & Furious 9, the Bolliden crew around Dom (Vin Diesel) will return to the cinema on July 15, 2021 and set the bar high with the craziest stunt in the action series. The viewers will, however, forego a favorite character have to: Dwayne Johnson is missing in the ninth part – and for a change that has nothing to do with schedules, but rather solid reasons.

Fast & Furious ruckus: Dwayne Johnson is fed up

After all, there was apparently really bad blood between Johnson and Diesel during the Fast & Furious 8 filming: Driven to the white heat by unknown reasons, The Rock dubbed an anonymous male co-star as “Candy Ass” and betrayed his fans “If in the movie it looks like I’m not acting and actually boiling my blood – that’s right.” (via Vanity Fair ).

The harsh words were obviously aimed at Vin Diesel, Johnson was far from happy with his behavior on set. The Instagram storm subsided quickly, but from then on the house blessing seemed to hang crooked between the two mountains of muscles.

Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs

Perhaps that is precisely why Johnson had no problems bringing Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, a spin-off without the veteran stars of the main series, to the cinema. Criticism from the opposing camp promptly rained out – but not by Vin Diesel: Rather, co-star Tyrese Gibson apparently felt compelled to let off his frustration with the Fast & Furious offshoot.

Reconciliation between Dwayne Johnson and the other Fast & Furious stars

At the latest when the spin-off passed the $ 750 million mark, Gibson shot himself in the leg with his malicious prophecies about the alleged offshoot flop. Johnson held back – until the big surprise: Vin Diesel left all grudges behind and congratulated The Rock on the box office success and its wedding in August 2019. He accepted the peace offer and thanked him on Instagram:

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I would also like to thank Brother Vin for his support. […] My goal has always been to take the franchise to a new level. […] We did it right, we did it smart and I thank you brother. And of course all roads lead to one thing: I’ll see you again soon, Toretto.

With that, the whole bickering seemed to be over before Corona and the lack of all theatrical releases finally put a blanket of silence over all franchise animosities. Even Gibson eventually buried the hatchet with Johnson. But despite the optimistic words it might be too late for his return to the main Fast & Furious series after all, she has already hired a new muscle giant.

Has the Fast & Furious franchise replaced Dwayne Johnson with John Cena?

With John Cena, Fast & Furious 9 already contains the perfect Dwayne Johnson replacement. Just like The Rock, his biceps have been sculpted from a long career in wrestling. And just like his character Luke Hobbs in Fast 5, Cena’s character is Jakob Toretto as an unstoppable fighting machine and opponent act by Dom’s crew. So is Johnson out of the window forever?

Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto

On the one hand, that depends on how deep the dislike between Johnson and Diesel actually goes. Conciliatory words on Instagram warm the hearts of fans, but in the end everyone should pursue their own, exclusive vision. Both are known to to have an iron grip on their film careers as a producer. It is possible that Diesel, as the creative force behind the F&F series, simply does not want to risk that his ideas will be called into question by another alpha animal, even after the reconciliation.

Dwayne Johnson as a short action syringe for the Fast & Furious finale

On the other hand, there is the question of how far the plans for the remaining two films in the main series have come in Johnson’s absence. Even without bad blood, the producers could rather think of Jakob Toretto as the new power man, so as not to soften the rest of the story with an excess of characters.

Hobbs and colleague Shaw are also still for Justin Lin, who is directing the next three parts of the main series “Part of the universe and part of the family. I’m looking forward to a return in the finals, and it can be any character.” (via

Total film ). Also Cena, who long since buried his own wrestling feud with Johnson, is cautiously optimistic about a meeting of her characters: “I hope so. And if enough viewers in the world hope so too, who knows.” (via

Comic book ).

John Cena as Jakob Toretto

To the Fast & Furious 9 will open in theaters July 15, 2021 Luke Hobbs fans will have to do without the die-hard giant anyway. As it turns out, there is actually little that speaks against a return to Fast & Furious 10 or 11 – the only question is what it might look like. A plausible solution would be to get him on board for a few short action scenes.

Let’s say, for example, Dom is in a tight spot and a Hobbs appearing out of nowhere saves the day. The fans would be satisfied and another feud would be prevented by the limited time. Peace, joy and pancakes. No reason for a new battlefield – you better let it crash on the screen.

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Are you hoping for Dwayne Johnson’s return to the main Fast & Furious series?

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