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Emma Stone: Your life story is truly cinematic

Emma Stone
Your life story is truly ready for a film

Emma Stone has had a remarkable career at the age of 30. But her private life also provides some Hollywood-grade material.

Emma Stone (30) did it. Within a very short time, the actress has earned and truly earned her honorable place in Hollywood. What began in 2005 with the television film “The New Partridge Family” eventually led to big screen productions such as “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” or “La La Land”. The 30-year-old was even awarded an Oscar in 2017 for the latter strip. But Stone does not only deal with entertaining or even emotional topics in front of the camera. Her own life story could also provide material for an entire Hollywood film.

Emily Jean – Undercover

Emma Stone is not called Emma Stone at all. She was originally born as Emily Jean Stone. When she noticed at the Screen Actors Guild registration (union for actors in the USA) that an Emily Stone was already represented in show business, she decided on the stage name Riley Stone. After six months this was history again and Emma Stone was born. Why did the actress choose Emma?

Spice Girls rule

Emma Stone was a big fan of the British pop girl group Spice Girls even in her childhood and youth. She was particularly fond of “Baby Spice” alias Emma Bunton (42). “I cut my bangs like Baby Spice,” she said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2012. But that’s not all. Two years later, she also confessed to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that she had asked her second grade teacher to call her Emma from now on, “because I always wanted to be Baby Spice.” Vocally it wasn’t quite enough for that.

That’s what the screamer gets from it

The German dubbing voice of Emma Stone is Anja Stadlober. However, anyone who has ever watched films with the 30-year-old in the original version knows that Stone has a particularly deep and hot voice. There’s a reason for this: she suffered from colic as a baby. The persistent screaming attacks resulted in nodules on her vocal cords, which give her this unique vocal color to this day. Screaming too much isn’t exactly healthy either.

Lessons learned – the hard way

Emma Stone has asthma. The actress only found that out a few years ago – in a rather bizarre way. When she was jumping around on the bed while filming “Simply To Have”, knocking on the wall and making sex noises to fake an orgasm, she suddenly had an asthma attack. But she takes the whole thing with humor: “I can’t even simulate sex without dying,” she joked in an interview with “MTV” in 2010.

Your strengths lie elsewhere

Perhaps Emma Stone cannot simulate sex well for health reasons, but she can do the best persuasion. When she was 15, her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, just got too small for her. She wanted to get out, see the world, conquer Hollywood. So she made her parents popcorn, sat them on the couch, and gave them a power point presentation called “Project Hollywood 2004”. The result: Mother Stone actually moved to Los Angeles a short time later with her daughter. And the story took its course.


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