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Cult film with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere “Pretty Woman” is 30

Dangerous bath

The famous intimate scene in the bathtub made Julia Roberts’ red mane lose its color. In addition, her forehead vein swelled with excitement, which Gere and director Marshall laboriously massaged away.

Expensive collar

The jewelry Gere Roberts gave cost a quarter of a million dollars and was guarded around the clock.

Cheap coat

Vivian’s bright red overcoat was bought in a junk shop for a mere $ 30. The “relevant” professional outfit comes from Cerruti.

Lifelong friendship

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts remained close friends since Pretty Woman, despite or because they never had an affair.

Donable director

Because producer Disney does not pay a fee for the gorgeous hotel manager actor who teaches Vivian the fine manners, Hector Elizondo, wanted to loosen up, director Marshall paid the sum out of his own pocket and got it back later.

Unhappy end

According to the original script, Vivian would have ended up in the gutter again and died of a cocaine overdose.

happy end

Roberts (in second marriage) and Gere (in third marriage) are each in the best of hands privately.

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