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com.on The stock market podcast: rapprochement in the trade dispute? – Bitcoin, Tencent, Steinhoff and Sixt in an individual check

It’s been 7 months since Joe Biden and Xi Jinping spoke to each other. This week it worked. The two heads of state of the world’s largest economies have exchanged ideas. They have not made any great progress in the trade dispute between the two nations. But it is a start. But it wasn’t exactly celebrated by the stock exchange.

Roller coaster rides at their best

The news ticker from Steinhoff did not stand still this week – neither did the course. From halving to doubling, the course offered everything. The background to this were several scheduled meetings with the creditors. However, there was no meeting and that made for a roller coaster ride for the share.

Bitcoin fared similarly. The introduction as an official means of payment in El Salvador should be a feast day. In the end it was a tragedy. Almost on time for the ceremony, the cryptocurrency had a flash crash. Some speculators were probably too sure of that.

The expert duo Andreas Lipkow, financial strategist at comdirect and Markus Weingran, editor-in-chief at onvista, addressed the most important topics of the stock market week in the new episode of com.on.

Have fun listening

Part 1:

# ECB decision: Corona aid will be reduced – no broken leg?

# Biden and Xi Jinping talked on the phone – a turning point in the relationship?

# Flashcrash in Bitcoin – chop off?

As usual, the second part of the stock market podcast belongs to the audience. You can send your questions to Markus Weingran and Andreas Lipkow at The two experts have answered these questions for you in today’s episode:

Part 2:

# Tencent: China bans approval of new online games – how bad is that?

# Sixt: New cooperation with Mobileye – good for the share?

# BASF: Good prospects, good business development – have everything really been priced in?

# SFC Energy: The good news continues – still jumping up?

# VW: Sales collapse by 22 percent in August – how big is the problem?

Part 3:

onvista: Steinhoff, Siemens Energy, Eckert & Ziegler

comdirect: Novavax, Dialog Semiconductor, Telekom

Ask the experts your questions: Simply send an email to

Have fun listening!

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Hasan, who loves technology and games, is studying Computer Engineering at Delhi JNU. He has been writing technology news since 2016.


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