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Cardi B & Her Sister Sued By Trump Fans For $20 Million

Three suspected supporters of Donald Trump squint at the big money. As reported by Billboard and Page Six, among others, Cardi B and her sister Hennessy Carolina and their partner were sued for a total of $ 20 million. The trio with the “Make America Great Again” attitude feels slandered and wrongly defamed as racists.

Cardi B shares a dispute on the beach with the Twitter community

A day at the beach in early September is the starting point of the lawsuit. The alleged supporters of the US President claim to have been parked there by Cardi B’s sister. A battle of words then developed. They report from “evil and threatening language” as well as “defamatory statements”.

ABC New York has the summary of the beach visit from the attorney’s perspective: Its clients “were quietly enjoying a Sunday on Smith Point Beach with their families when rap celebrity Hennessy Carolina suddenly approached them, raging, spat and insulted them, attacked, defamed and threatened while they were being videotaped for one of them wearing a MAGA cap. ”

Cardi B said on Twitter that Trump supporters had molested her sister and her friend. She immediately gave a reason: “All because you are a lesbian Afro / Hispanic couple.” A Clip She also shared the incident on Twitter with her more than 14 million followers.

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Plaintiffs dismiss all allegations

The three Trump fans have filed a lawsuit against this media representation. You said in a press conference that the Page Six portal refers to: “We are not racist. We are not homophobes. “The site of Cardi B and Co is said to have edited the video material in order to distort the actual events. Furthermore, the pro-Trump hat would have simply been available in the beach area.

Furthermore, the reputation of the three has been ruined since that incident. This also has a concrete effect on professional life. In addition, the plaintiffs would suffer from anxiety, depression and emotional distress.

Cardi B has one more for that day Audio recording put online by her sister. Hennessey Carolina can be heard describing the situation on the beach. From her point of view, she was approached because she spoke Spanish with her friend. She was also advised to return to her own country.

The plaintiffs deny having said anything racist. Cardi B is also currently dealing with lawyers on other fronts.


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