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Cameron Diaz: the actress is happier than ever

Cameron Diaz had been in hiding for a long time. Now the US actress is back – with a new approach to life and new plans.

How did we miss it – that radiant, beautiful, infectious smile! How often had Cameron Diaz, 46, enchanted us with it in the past, not only in her films, but also in appearances on the red carpet or in interviews. How good that the laughter is back now! After all, you were seriously worried. Because since Cameron Diaz’s last film, the family comedy “Annie”, came to the cinema at the end of 2014, the Hollywood actress has been silent.

She really wanted a baby

If you ever saw her, in private moments, then only with a serious expression, sad, withdrawn. She had put her job on hold and only cared about her private heart project: She absolutely wanted to have a baby with her husband, Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, 40.

There was talk of hormone treatments. They made Cameron’s once-pretty face look pale and puffy, but otherwise had no effect. Several attempts at artificial insemination were unsuccessful. The former leading lady in the film business entrenched herself with her grief at home, rarely socialized with people, was psychologically on the ground.

“I just live my life. I’m great”

But now it is back. And happy and satisfied like never before! Her desire to have children has still not come true, but it seems as if Diaz has come to terms with it, crossed it from number one on her list of priorities and instead noted something else there: the wonderful word “I”.

Rare appearance: In May, Diaz and her “Charlie's Angels” colleagues Drew Barrymore, 44, (left) and Lucy Liu, 50, were honored with a star on the Walk Of Fame

Rare appearance: In May, Diaz and her “Charlie’s Angels” colleagues Drew Barrymore, 44, (left) and Lucy Liu, 50, were honored with a star on the Walk Of Fame

© Getty Images

In an interview with the US magazine “InStyle”, Cameron Diaz explains this rethinking: “I’ve dedicated more than half of my life to the public. I think it’s okay if I take some time for myself now to reorganize myself and to think about how I want to return to the world “says the former blockbuster queen – and adds significant sentences: “If I want to go back at all. I don’t miss performing. I’m doing great at the moment. ”

Focused, satisfied, happy

You can see that. Cameron Diaz was on vacation in the south of France with her husband. She looks relaxed and happy as she strolls to the beach or splashes around in the Mediterranean Sea off Saint-Tropez. Carefree, as if a burden had fallen off her and as if she could finally feel light and free again.

The change can be explained quite simply: Cameron Diaz has let go: her old life, old constraints, old duties. In the here and now, she only cares about herself and her well-being. What exactly is the “Mad About Mary” star up to now? “It’s fun that nobody knows what I’m doing, what I’m planning”, she says in the interview. “My time is only mine. I don’t sell films, I don’t sell anything, I don’t have to give anything to anyone. I do not do this anymore. I just live my life. ”

Cameron Diaz forges new plans

But Diaz seems to have secret plans. It’s just too early to talk about it, she says. She only reveals that she likes the business ideas of her friend Gwyneth Paltrow, 46, (sells wellness products with her company Goop) and her sister-in-law Nicole Richie, 37, (runs her own fashion label called House Of Harlow). So it will be interesting to see what Cameron Diaz is up to. One thing is certain: it will succeed. Thanks to her new attitude and her new ego, which she describes with the following three words: focused, content and happy.




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