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Britney Spears wants to keep co-guardian: Jodi Montgomery should not leave her side – people

Another surprise in the guardianship process Britney Spears (39)!

Her father Jamie Spears (69) wants to voluntarily give up his role as guardian after 13 years and recently even asked the responsible court to end the guardianship completely.

No more guardian, complete self-determination. But Britney apparently doesn’t want to go that far: She wants to keep Jodi Montgomery as her co-guardian – even if the court’s guardianship should officially end. This is what the celebrity portal reports “TMZ“.

Jodi Montgomery was appointed by the court to supervise Britney Spears in 2019

Jodi Montgomery was appointed by the court to supervise Britney Spears in 2019Photo:

Background: Britney Spears has been under her father’s tutelage since 2008. At first, Jamie Spears managed his daughter’s wealth and personal affairs. In 2019 he stepped down, but remained responsible for finances. Jodi Montgomery has been co-guardian since 2019 for the singer’s personal concerns, including medical issues and “life decisions”.

Britney Spears' father, Jamie, plans to officially step down as his daughter's guardian on September 29

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, plans to officially step down as his daughter’s guardian on September 29Photo: Uncredited / dpa

As “TMZ” reports, Britney Montgomery is said to have already asked to stay by her side. She is supposed to help the singer, among other things, in dealing with doctors, medication and housekeeping. Montgomery also takes care of appointments, meals for Britney and the organization of leisure trips.

Montgomery is said to have already agreed to Britney’s request.

Britney celebrates her partial success in court on Instagram

Britney celebrates her partial success in court on InstagramPhoto: picture alliance / Photoshot

In early August, Co-Guardian Montgomery announced that she believed that continuing with Jamie’s guardianship would have “serious implications for Ms. Spears’ mental health.”

It is “in Ms. Spears ‘best interests that her father step down as her conservator so that he can once again just be Mrs. Spears’ father and work on a healthy, supportive father-daughter relationship.”

Britney’s father recently wrote to the court asking the court to end the guardianship completely – but Britney and her lawyers have not yet submitted such documents to the court.

The singer’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, had emphasized, however, that one wanted to proceed in two steps: First, Jamie Spears should be sawed off as guardian and then the guardianship as such should be targeted.

The first step seems to have already been taken. Jamie Spears plans to officially resign at the next hearing on September 29th.

Britney's attorney Mathew Rosengart

Britney’s attorney Mathew RosengartPhoto: MARIO ANZUONI / REUTERS

However, his sudden change of heart also raised doubts. Finally, Jamie Spears had recently claimed that Britney had to contend with “addiction and mental health problems” and therefore definitely needed a guardian. Now he wants to end the guardianship without a medical examination.

Britney’s attorney Rosengart suspects the maneuver to be a distraction and a cover-up.

Because: In the hearing on September 29th, Jamie Spears was supposed to be questioned under oath in his time as guardian and provide information on Britney’s finances. Legal experts suspect Jamie may have embezzled a large part of his daughter’s fortune for years.

A sudden cessation of guardianship could mean that there will be no further hearing – and that way, Jamie avoids the possible unearthing of any more dirty details about what he is doing. He could easily pull his head out of the noose.

It remains to be seen whether Britney decides to maintain guardianship – albeit on her own terms.

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