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Breaking Bad-Star pushes Leonardo DiCaprio aside

The new Martin Scorsese film Killers of the Flower Moon comes with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro on cast. This fact alone is enough to make my movie heart beat faster with anticipation. But now there was a new message that gives the cast a new impetus.

Jesse Plemons, known from series like Breaking Bad and Fargo or films like Game Night and I’m Thinking of Ending Things, plays loud Deadline the main character in Scorsese’s upcoming film. DiCaprio is still there, but does not play the most important character. For Plemons it will be the biggest role of his career yet and it is just deserved.

Jesse Plemons in front of Leonardo DiCaprio: The ingenious peculiarity of the Breaking Bad star

Most of you should know Jesse Plemons as much as I did from Breaking Bad. Here he played the terrifying psychopath Todd and became a Jason Bourne star because of his weird resemblance “Meth Damon” to the meme.

But even then it was brilliant that the joke character Jesse Plemons never trumped the scary character actor Jesse Plemons. The actor came out of nowhere with his gruesome manner and exuded an aura with his completely unemotional, murderous meth accomplice easily keep up with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul could.

Jesse Plemons as Todd in Breaking Bad

After Breaking Bad, Jesse Plemons was, in addition to his terrific role in the second season of Fargo in the film sector, one of those actors who constantly appear somewhere, are never really in the center of attention and still get you right away captive with their kind.

Works like Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, Black Mass or Hostiles were certainly not Jesse Plemons films. But the actor always worked in them like a little presentthat I was happy about every time.

He never got stuck with the role of the ice-cold psychos from Breaking Bad, but has as versatile talent claims without giving up its weird peculiarity.

A brilliant example of this is his appearance in the comedy Game Night, which picks up on Plemon’s gruesome charisma and absurdly funny exaggerated. For the scenes with the actor alone, the film deserves the rating “Worth seeing because of Jesse Plemons”. An award that for me is more and more suitable for films or series with him.

At the latest through the Netflix film I’m Thinking of Ending Things, in which Jesse Plemons is unbelievable much melancholy vulnerability mixes with the quirkiness of his main character, he is rightly compared to a young Philip Seymour Hoffman. The cast in Scorsese’s new film is the temporary crowning glory that Jesse Plemons more than deserves.

Watch the crazy trailer for I’m Thinking of Ending Things with Jesse Plemons here

I’m Thinking of Ending Things – Official Trailer (German) HD


This is what Martin Scorsese’s new film Killers of the Flower Moon is all about

The plot of Scorsese’s new project is based on the non-fiction book by American journalist David Grann and is dedicated real events from the 1920s. The focus is on Jesse Plemons as an FBI agent who investigates several murders of members of the indigenous Osage tribe.

Oh, and Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro also play along.

What do you think of Jesse Plemons?

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