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Ariana Grande in the weight loss & six-pack mania

Although Grande has never felt a gram too much fat on her body, she wants to train her steel abdominal muscles and trusts the help of Harley Pasternak.


With personal trainer in the gym
Singer, designer, bestselling author and mother Jessica Simpson had just published a hymn of praise for her own fitness coach, and Harley Pasternak can already be seen with other clients and seems to make them all sweat. The 45-year-old has already trained artists like Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Katy Perry and also seems to have a lot to do with Ariana Grande. He had already been hired by the “No Tears Left to Dry” interpreter some time ago and had to take a break thanks to the Corona crisis. But now there are also some special regulations in the USA, so that the brunette beauty, who has not had an ounce of fat too much on her body in her life, can train again with the trainer.

At least that’s what Pasternak confessed via Instagram and shared a paparazzi photo with his followers. Appropriately, he wrote that Grande would like to acquire abs and work on a six-pack.

Musicians trust him
Harley Pasternak is not only a bestselling author and has already recorded his tips, tricks and plans in books, but also explains again and again what he would like. Accordingly, one should start very small and not undertake too much at the beginning. “If you don’t hurt yourself, you’ll get sick. One of the two for sure, ”he said among other things, adding that you shouldn’t make the“ end goal your primary goal ”, but get excited about something every day and reward yourself in the end.

Ariana Grande, for example, shouldn’t have a cheat day, but rather stay afloat with small snacks and healthy meals. In addition, she can treat herself to something more often and thus not lose sight of the goal or stuff sweets into herself out of frustration. The singer herself still has a tip for all fans who really want to work up a sweat: “Nothing burns more calories than dancing in 12 centimeter high heels, give it a try!”

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