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Aquaman 2: Jason Momoa in a new outfit, first look at Wilson

++ Update from September 8th, 2021: First the title star, but now there is also one Image by Patrick Wilson in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom arrived, the director James Wan via Instagram published. Here it is for you guys:

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++ News from September 6th, 2021: The shooting is still running Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom not that long, but there is already a first picture of Jason Momoa in his new outfit. This time it is not a mega-cryptic, very blurry image, one that only anteasts Arthur Curry / Aquaman’s new superhero suit. No, leave that up to you James Wan and Jason Momoa dear other. Instead, they present the new suit directly on a full body photo and a picture with great quality.

Filming too Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are currently taking place in London. At the end of July, lead actor Jason Momoa also traveled to London and was already teasing the new hair color he was in as Arthur Curry Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will wear.

Work on the film had already started beforehand. Director James Wan had spoken out several times from London after he had the official title for the second in mid-June Aquaman-Adventure announced.

The cast of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom belong next to Momoa among others Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Pilou Asbæk and Dolph Lundgren at.

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