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Anna Kendrick: People don’t have to know everything

Anna Kendrick
People don’t have to know everything

Anna Kendrick

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Hollywood star Anna Kendrick doesn’t like it at all that articles about Lorde’s boyfriend appear in the press

Anna Kendrick (28) made it clear what she thought of articles about Lordes (17) friend James Lowe (25).

The actress (‘Up in the Air’) often shares her opinion and was upset that an article was published about the boyfriend of the New Zealand singer (‘Royals’): “Five things you know about Lorde’s boyfriend have to: nothing. Nothing, because she is 17 and it’s none of your business, “tweeted the screen beauty angrily.

When it comes to her own person, the American is more informative. In an interview with the Huffington Post, the Hollywood beauty revealed what scares her the most: “Clowns. I’ve heard that most children are scared of clowns. 60 percent don’t like clowns. I wonder why they always are still.” When asked if it was rude to move your seat back on the plane, Anna Kendrick reacted amazed: “Isn’t that okay? Who doesn’t move his seat back on the plane? Out of politeness? I have short legs, that’s why I don’t mind – someone could move their seat back as far as possible, I wouldn’t mind. “

The actress attended the Grammy Awards over the weekend – a big deal for her as an actress: “The Grammys were crazy. I don’t know why I’ve been invited to these kinds of things lately, but because I put a song out, I became invited to the Grammys, which was a great honor, but also quite extraordinary, “laughed Anna Kendrick, whose song from the music film ‘Pitch Perfect’ was very well received.


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