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37 years of marriage: This is how Denzel Washington met his wife

Behind the long-term love of actor Denzel Washington (65) and his wife Pauletta Washington (69) is a sweet story to get to know each other. The “The Equalizer” star has been a fixture in Hollywood for decades. During his film career, there was always someone standing by him, his wife Pauletta. The American has been married to her for 37 years, and they crowned this love happiness with four children. Got to know Denzel his beloved in a very special way.

As Pauletta in a previous interview with Oprah Winfrey revealed, both actors were hired for the 1977 TV series “Wilma”. There was a first meeting at a farewell party, but none of them had really noticed the other. The spark only jumped at the second glance: Pauletta had been invited to the theater by a friend, but was far too late. The hall was already dark, so she had to sit down somewhere “blind” for better or worse. When the lights came on again during the break, she saw, to her great surprise, that Denzel sat right next to her.

For Pauletta, this was fate and the beginning of their great love. From this point on, the two lovebirds had been dealt with. A few years later, the lovers said yes. To this day belong Denzel and Pauletta to the absolute dream couples in Hollywood.

Pauletta Washington and Denzel Washington in June 2019 in Hollywood
Pauletta Washington and Denzel Washington in January 2019 in Los Angeles
Pauletta Washington and Denzel Washington in December 2016

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