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Violent disclosure about Jennifer Aniston

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt takes refuge in Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie shouldn’t like that at all! Since 2016 the actress delivers one bitter war of divorce with ex Brad Pitt, the focus is on custody of the six children they share, who are likely to suffer most from their parents’ war of the roses.

Especially daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, who as special sensitive is true, the constant strife of her parents is supposed to affect her. So much so that she should seek refuge with her mother’s archenemy of all places – namely with Jennifer Aniston!

“Shiloh prefers peace and quiet”

At least that’s what the Australian news portal “New Idea” reports: According to this, the 14-year-old should have been her father’s ex-wife in recent months “getting closer and closer” be. A source even claims that the teenager is the “Friends” actress, who is still on good terms with ex Brad friends should be a few days to her moved to Bel Air:

Shiloh prefers peace and quiet and with her brothers and sisters yelling around and her mother who wants to do a thousand things at once, Shiloh just needed a place to finally relax,

claims the unknown source.

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“Angelina shouldn’t be pleased that Jen is playing stepmother”

And this is exactly the place she seems to have found with Jennifer Aniston of all people: “She confided in Jen a few weeks ago when they were both with Brad at the same time. Jen has always had a thing for Shiloh and she’s sorry that she’s standing between her parents. She told her she was always welcome to hang out with – and Shiloh took the chance, and Brad was for it, too. “

A fact that could upset Angelina Jolie: “Angelina shouldn’t be too pleased that Jen plays stepmother for her child.Shiloh Jolie-Pitt should enjoy the time with Jennifer Aniston to the fullest, because in this way she should automatically be able to spend more time with father Brad Pitt.

That should be a thorn in the side of the 45-year-old in the short or long term, because actually the six children together should only be in close consultation with Angie and only allowed to spend time with her father in the presence of a supervisor. How the close relationship between Shiloh and Jennifer will affect the divorce war remains to be seen …

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