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Trailer: Johnny Depp chases Biggie’s killer in the movie CITY OF LIES

After years of postponement and a number of difficulties, Sabian Films released the trailer for the long-awaited Hollywood film CITY OF LIES last night.

Johnny Depp as an LAPD officer

The film revolves around the assassination of legendary rapper Biggie Smalls, also known as Notorious BIG, which stars Johnny Depp as the LAPD officer who has tried for years to solve the murder, and Forest Whitaker as a journalist who is also trying to uncover the truth to see.

Originally planned to be released three years ago

The film was a few years ago. Filming took place in 2017 at the absolute height of Johnny Depp’s public troubles, which is why a planned release for 2018 was withdrawn. A legal battle ensued. Gregg Brooks, who served as the film’s location manager, also filed a lawsuit against Depp alleging that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star attacked him while drunk during production. With all these hurdles, it was certainly not an easy task to bring this film into the world. Apparently the dust has finally settled – or at least so far that the strip can be published.

Film based on the book LAbyrinth

Brad Furman, who worked from a script by Christian Contreras, sits on the director’s chair. The story of City of Lies is based on the book LAbyrinth by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Randall Sullivan. It was first published in 2002.

The film will be released in the US this Friday via Saban Films and will be available as a stream on April 9th.

Here is the new trailer for CITY OF LIES:

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