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This is how she deals with life’s challenges

“In order to get through life well, it is important to be resilient,” said Katy in a backstage video for her current Coca Cola campaign. “I firmly believe that if you say to yourself, ‘I am resilient’, if you verbalize it and put energy into it, that you really become more resilient.” Katy and her fiancé Orlando Bloom recently became parents to little Daisy and since then, the singer says, she has become even more aware of how much work mothers really do.

“A popular misconception: being a mother is not a full-time job … Part 2: When a mother finally goes back to work (regardless of what job she does), it’s not as if she has come back from a month-long vacation … She comes from a full-time job … as a mother LOL … Part 3: Call your mothers and tell them that you love and appreciate them and stand up for paid parental leave! Part 4: I love my job, ”Katy said on Twitter.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been on cloud nine since Daisy’s birth, an insider revealed: “Katy cares for her daughter incredibly and can’t get enough of her. The love between her and Orlando has grown even further through Daisy, she has become stronger than you could ever have imagined. ” Although the Hollywood duo is showered with gifts for the offspring, so far, thanks to Covid-19, few have had the chance to meet the baby. “The couple has been showered with love since birth,” the insider said. “Friends are always sending gifts and good advice. Due to all the Covid-19 restrictions, Katy and Orlando have only been able to introduce their daughter to most of them via Facetime. “

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