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Sofia Vergara: Your great desire to have children does not want to come true

Family planning does not work out for Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello. After bad news, the actress now wants to get help

Sofia Vergara, 42, has a huge desire to have children. She herself repeatedly states in interviews that she hears the biological clock ticking, even though Sofia already has an adult son.

The subject is extremely important to her, so the actress doesn’t want to leave anything to chance. When she was with her ex-boyfriend, Nick Loeb, she even had her eggs frozen. After the separation, a tough legal battle arose over them.

New bad news

With her new partner, actor Joe Manganiello, 38, the dream of a happy family should finally come true. But now a new bad news seems to burst this dream like a soap bubble.

After gynecological examinations, Sofia was found to have a benign cyst on the uterus. This can prevent a fertilized egg from nesting and thus make a natural pregnancy much more difficult.

Sofia Vergara gets help

But the “Modern Family” star doesn’t let that get her down either and now wants to start a family with the help of a surrogate mother.
The main thing is that no more time is wasted.

With surrogacy, quite a few Hollywood stars have already fulfilled their desire to have children. Sarah Jessica Parker, Ellen Pompeo and Nicole Kidman have already resorted to outside help. The controversial procedure is banned in Germany.




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