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Sci-Fi film with Will Smith flopped, but it’s fireworks of action with great technology

Will Smith is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. He recently demonstrated this star power in box-office hits such as Aladdin and Bad Boys For Life. In recent years, however, he has also suffered one or two defeats.

Gemini Man you currently look at Amazon Prime * can is one of his biggest flops. But don’t be put off by the disappointing box office result. A very exciting, unusual film is hiding here.

The most important facts about Gemini Man on Amazon Prime

  • The flop: Gemini Man is a flop, there is nothing we can do about that.
  • The technique: But the film is an audiovisual frenzy.
  • The clone: And we get to see Will Smith twice.

The plot of Gemini Man: Will Smith chases himself

At the heart of the Gemini Man story is the Contract killer Henry Brogan. He is one of the best in his field, but wants to retire from the business. Ironically, his latest assignment turns out to be a trap: Instead of a terrorist, Brogan ignorantly kills a scientist.

Here you can watch the trailer for Gemini Man:

Gemini Man – Trailer (German) HD


A short time later he finds himself in the crosshairs of a merciless killer who seems to know his every move. There is a reason for this: Brogan will hunted by his own clonewho is 25 years younger than himself. What is behind the conspiracy he has gotten into?

Gemini Man: Ambitious sci-fi action on Amazon

As exciting as this story sounds, Gemini Man wanted to go to the movies far too few people see it. The film cost $ 138 million and grossed just $ 48 million in the United States. Worldwide, Gemini Man comes to 173 million US dollars, but that is nowhere near enough to cover marketing.

In fact, one of the most ambitious sci-fi action films of recent years is hiding here. The director behind Gemini Man is none other than Ang Lee, who in his current creative phase is primarily interested in rousing, touching stories to tell through modern technology.

Even more streaming tips on Amazon Prime in the podcast:

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This includes the massive use of special effects in Life of Pi: Shipwreck with Tiger or the High Frame Rate (HFR for short) in Billy Lynn’s crazy hero tour. Gemini Man was shot at 120 frames per second, which is very unusual for a film like this. The result are fast-paced, extremely color-intensive recordings.

Gemini Man features a rejuvenated Will Smith on Amazon

Sometimes Gemini Man feels like a video game when Will Smith is chasing around. At first it seems strange, gradually the pictures develop a very special pull. The Gemini Experiment You don’t stop there: Will Smith plays thanks Motion capture and de-aging technology also the younger clone.

While Gemini Man isn’t one of Ang Lee’s best films, it’s incredibly exciting to watch the filmmaker die Opportunities of digital cinema united with his narrative ideas. Quiet, reflective moments exist here right next to an insane motorcycle chase.

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How did you like Gemini Man?

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