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Police officer helps Hugh Jackman – so that he can celebrate his MCU debut in “Deadpool 3” ·

“Deadpool 3” is finally being worked on and Hugh Jackman would apparently like to be a part of it. The actor has at least forwarded a corresponding announcement to the police.


After Disney’s takeover of Fox, it was not entirely certain whether and how, above all, “Deadpool 3” comes. But only recently, the President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, confirmed that the comic book adaptation received an R-Rating (in this country probably FSK 16) and that the script is already being worked on. The Bob’s Burgers writers will write the script under Ryan Reynolds’ supervision. With that, “Deadpool 3” should remain true to its two rather grotesquely funny predecessors. After Hugh Jackman only had a quasi-cameo through a paper mask in the first part, the Wolverine star could now appear properly.

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In a video that was shared on Jackman’s Instagram page, the “Wolverine” actor published the statement of a police officer on “Deadpool 3”. John Dobkowski is the name of the officer who has very good career advice for Ryan Reynolds. At least that’s how Hugh Jackman feels and has the cop say into the camera: “Hey Ryan, you have to get this guy for Deadpool 3. Even if it’s only for a ten minute cameo, that would be great. The film would be so cool and so great. “

At the end of the video, the cop jokes that he’ll give Reynolds a ticket if he doesn’t have Hugh Jackman appear in “Deadpool 3”. It should be noted that Jackman and Reynolds are close friends and often tease each other on social media.

Will Hugh Jackman appear in Deadpool 3?

The fact that some “X-Men” characters have already appeared in “Deadpool” and some even took on larger roles could of course be an important indication that the chances for an appearance by Hugh Jackman are not bad. In addition to the close friendship with Reynolds, Jackman would also fit well as the figurehead of the “X-Men” franchise in “Deadpool 3”, since he played Wolverine for a long time.

However, Jackman said goodbye to the role on a grand scale very fittingly with “Logan” and already ruled out an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, Hugh Jackman can of course also play as himself or in another role in the film at the side of his friend.

Unfortunately, nothing is currently known about the plot of the sequel. At least “Deadpool 3” should also become part of the MCU, which in turn opens up many new possibilities. The filming of “Deadpool 3” is expected to start in 2022 so that the film will appear in theaters in 2023.

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