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Nicole Kidman: She is being criticized for quarantine exception

Nicole Kidman
She is criticized for quarantine exception

Nicole Kidman has to put up with criticism.

Nicole Kidman has to put up with criticism.

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Criticism of Nicole Kidman: She benefits from a quarantine exception in Hong Kong and was allowed to bypass the isolation for filming.

Nicole Kidman (54) is currently filming the Amazon series “Expats” in Hong Kong. After her arrival, however, the actress met a lot of criticism. The reason: The 54-year-old was released from the mandatory quarantine. According to the applicable rules, the actress would have had to isolate herself in a hotel for seven days as a person who had already been vaccinated. In her home country Australia, the delta variant of the corona virus is currently spreading rapidly.

The Hong Kong news portal “hk01” reported, among other things, that Kidman flew from Sydney to Hong Kong in a private jet last week. A short time later, she was seen shopping, which subsequently triggered criticism. The authorities then confirmed that the actress was exempt from quarantine. She is “exempted” from isolation in order to be able to practice her profession.

Criticism of Nicole Kidman

Criticism was particularly high on social media. “Olympic medalists have to be quarantined in Hong Kong, but Nicole Kidman doesn’t because she is a Hollywood star and has to film ‘expats'”, wrote about a Twitter user. One another user explained: “Dear friends and family from Hong Kong, how does it feel to know that as someone from Hollywood you are exempt from the barbaric quarantine rules (…) while you are locked in a hotel room for three weeks?”

What are the quarantine rules in Hong Kong?

For example, if you currently want to travel to Hong Kong from Germany, strict rules apply: Since the country is classified as “medium-risk”, according to the Federal Foreign Office, a quarantine period of 21 days applies to unvaccinated persons and for Fully vaccinated 14 days and seven days so-called “self-monitoring”. These rules now also apply to Australia. Kidman apparently entered Hong Kong when the country was still classified as “low-risk”.

The Amazon series “Expats” is based on the novel “The Expatriates” (2016) by Janice YK Lee (* 1972). The book is about three women from the USA who have lived in Hong Kong as expatriates for some time. Nicole Kidman is said to both play a role and act as executive producer.




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