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New to Sky today: Hugh Jackman works up a sweat in “Bad Education”


With “Bad Education” a new comedy with dark humor starts on Sky. Hugh Jackman is the assistant superintendent of Roselyn High School trying to prevent the disclosure of a scandalous corruption case in his school district.

Hugh Jackman is named Superintendent Dr.  Frank Tassone in "Bad Education" worked up a sweat after being involved in a corruption scandal.

Hugh Jackman is named Superintendent Dr. Frank Tassone in “Bad Education” breaks a sweat after being involved in a corruption scandal. (Source: tmdb.org)

New to Sky today is Bad Education, a 2019 comedy directed by Cory Finley. The HBO production, released in late April, exposes a long-standing, true-story-based corruption scandal at a school on Long Island.

  • Film premiere on July 22, 2020 on Sky Cinema premieres
  • The dark comedy starring “X-Men” Hugh Jackman in the lead role
  • It will be broadcast on Sky until August 8th

After the deputy superintendent Dr. Frank Tassone (Hugh Jackman) made a serious mistake, the reporter in a student newspaper discovered incriminating evidence. These strongly indicate a corruption scandal that has been going on for over a decade. Funds have been embezzled and embezzled in the Roslyn School District for years.

From now on Tassone is forced to bathe this crisis. While dealing with the consequences of this scandal, he always tries to protect himself above all else. Will he be able to save his job and contain the extent of the scandalous revelations?

In addition to Hugh Jackman, Oscar winner Allison Janney (“Bombshell-The End of Silence”) and the Emmy Prize winner Ray Romano (“The Irishman”) can be seen. Based on a script by Mike Makowsky, “Bad Education” was directed by Cory Finley (“Thoroughbreds”).

All broadcast dates of “Bad Education” on Sky

Bad Education

at the 09/26/2021 around 08:05 clock

Hugh Jackman promotes his school district to the top as a corrupt district manager. When they track him down, he tries to cover up. Smart comedy based on real events.

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