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Marvel star Chris Hemsworth launches new feature on his app & fans are thrilled

Thor is strong and beautiful, he doesn’t know what bad hair days are, he can more or less fly and conjure up lightning. But we don’t even know his apparently most effective superpower: the voice.

Actor Chris Hemsworth has his own fitness and lifestyle app, with which we can imitate the Chris Hemsworth way of life as best we can.

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has a fitness app with a new function

Hemsworth has implemented a new feature in this app: He speaks with a booming thunder god voice relaxing meditation sessions that go through my head – and the fans on Instagram as well.

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100 percent testosterone: Marvel fans will love the new Chris Hemsworth feature

The fans are infatuated with Hemsworth’s full bass voice and the lascivious, relaxing moan between. Is that still meditation or is it already an erotic one? ASMR ? In any case, the Australian leaves the somewhat flat mediation phrases in the little behind-the-scenes foretaste (“Your body relaxes with every breath”) Roll over your tongue with relish.

I’m going to show you different levels of escalation of being carried away by Chris Hemsworth’s voice.

It starts with a relatively objective criticism of the new function:

It is impossible not to relax while meditating in Thor’s voice.

It continues with hints of a slight fluffiness:

This voice is made from 100 percent testosterone. Damned.

Oh my god I could listen to you for hours Stop it.

Now we have come to abstract erotic fantasies:

That moment when you want to be a microphone.

And here is a Capslock comment that is no longer behind the scenes with its excitement:

Holy shit. You could really read medical articles to me and I would need a shower.

And finally a somewhat disappointed review from a certain “Luke Hemsworth “:

That doesn’t relax me, I want my money back.

In Avengers 3, Thor should have aimed at Thanos’ head. Or he could have hypnotized the villain to sleep with his voice.

At the May 5, 2022 Thor 4 launches in cinemas.

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What is your favorite Chris Hemsworth quality?

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