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Mark Wahlberg gained ten kilos – in just three weeks

Usually he relies on a steely body and well-defined abdominal muscles. But now there is hardly anything left to see. Mark Wahlberg has transformed in a very short time.

Photo series with 30 pictures

Mark Wahlberg has now shared almost 1,500 photos with his more than 15 million fans on Instagram. Most of the snapshots show the movie star doing sports. The 49-year-old is not only one of the highest-paid actors in the world, he also enjoys the reputation of a fitness fanatic.

Ten kilos in three weeks

Mark Wahlberg eats a healthy diet and trains his six-pack several times a day. But now there is hardly anything left of that. Because for a role, the Hollywood star had to feed herself a few pounds in a very short time. He now posted a before / after picture on Instagram.

According to the caption, there are just three weeks between the two photos – and he has not yet reached his goal. In April Wahlberg had already revealed on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show that he wanted to gain 15 kilos in the next six weeks for his new role in the film “Father Stu”. In the biopic he plays a boxer who becomes a priest. He has already gained ten kilos, and a few more are to follow.

Everything for the role

For Mark Wahlberg, it’s not the first change the actor has undergone for a role. In 2013 he had to gain more than 20 kilos of muscle mass for the bodybuilder comedy “Pain & Gain”. He had done that with ten meals a day and hard training.

Just a year later, Mark Wahlberg slimmed down for the role of literature professor Jim Bennett in “The Gambler”. At that time, he only fed on liquid food for six weeks. The movie star lost 27 kilos as a result.

It is not yet known when his new film will be shown. “Father Stu” is currently being shot in Los Angeles. Mel Gibson is also said to star in the film.



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