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Kate Winslet: Bodyshaming in its early days>feeds>

March 03, 2021 – 10:30 am clock

Kate Winslet had to put up with bodyshaming early in her career.

The 45-year-old actress is one of the big stars in Hollywood. But at the beginning of her career, she had to struggle with criticism. Because, especially because of her body, she was repeatedly in the media. Now she openly told in an interview with The Guardian that there was a lot of talk about her body in her twenties, even though she was still looking for herself. The media had constantly estimated their weight, so Winslet: “It was cruel and so harrowing to read.” If she once commented on her appearance, she was perceived as brash: “But no, I was only defending myself,” continues Winslet. It was only with the birth of her daughter Mia in 2000 that she got a different body image. The Oscar winner believes there is a “shift” that is making the “younger generation” work on film sets these days without fear of sexual assault.

“The thing that is changing in a way that will be completely sustainable is the way that women’s voices are received. There is a space made for the younger generation that is safe. My daughter is 20 and she only came into the industry a year and a half ago, and for me as her mother, it is wonderful to see how brave she is and how much she believes in herself because she is at a time when we free these girls from all s ***** “, so Winslet recently in an interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’. And the ‘Titanic’ actress is certain that a new era is dawning.

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