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John Wick 4 with Keanu Reeves reveals new “heart” in the series (but it’s not a dog)

The casting for John Wick: Chapter 4 is in full swing. But Keanu Reeves will not only meet new faces in the action film sequel. In an interview, Matrix star Laurence Fishburne confirmed his return as the Bowery King. He also revealed that Chapter 4 introduces an important new character with a special relationship with the killing dog lover.

John Wick Chapter 4: Old Friend talks about the new “heart” of the action film

Fishburne is currently on a promotional tour for the thriller The Ice Road and was sponsored by Collider after his Participation in John Wick 4 asked. Fishburne then announced that he was flying to Berlin in a few months to shoot the action film.

But it did not stop there. Fishburne was also asked about the script that marked a turning point in the John Wick franchise. For the first time, it is not written by franchise inventor Derek Kolstad. His departure raised questions about the future of the series. Can John Wick 4 still offer the beloved mix of tangible action, sentimentality and complex mythology when the man who invented the killer is no longer there?

Laurence Fishburne in John Wick Chapter 2

In any case, Laurence Fishburne is convinced of the work of Kolstad’s successors Michael Finch and Shae Hatten. He also reveals that we have a major new character in chapter 4 of the Keanu Reeves actioner expected:

I read the script. It’s right, really cool. And while it’s the same world from the other three films, it goes a lot deeper. It goes much deeper when it comes to the killer code and the relationship that [John] to a certain character that I believe Mr. Watanabe is playing is real heart and soul [des Films].

Although it sounds like it, according to Collider, “Mr. Watanabe” is probably not an actor (like Ken Watanabe). Rather, the site has learned from its own sources that Watanabe is the character’s name. How exactly that Relationship of this character to John Wick looks is left to our imagination for the time being. A mentor or old friend would be conceivable to help John against the overwhelming numbers of assassins.

Who else is in the cast of John Wick 4 with Keanu Reeves?

So far, most of the newcomers to the cast of the action sequel have been known. In addition to Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves, the cast includes the following actors:

When is John Wick 4 coming to the cinema?

John Wick 4 is slated to hit theaters in May 2022. Under normal circumstances, the film would have premiered long ago. However, filming was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Keanu Reeves had to finish Matrix 4 beforehand, which is why the fourth adventure of his hit man was postponed by a year.

The action film is being shot with Germany, France and Japan.

What do you hope for from John Wick 4 with Keanu Reeves?



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